Happy Black Friday?

27 November, 2009

Homeless family, Patacas, Brasil, 2008.

Homeless family. Patacas, Brasil. 2008.

It is the day after Thanksgiving and malls are being overrun by “Black Friday” shoppers. I assume this is in order to procure more possessions for which to be thankful?

The photo for today is intended to reveal how the majority of the world celebrates the day after Thanksgiving (if they had such a holiday in their country). The family in the photo are homeless living in a lean-to constructed of scraps and throw-away pieces of building materials and trash. It is an intact family of seven, the father, mother, and five young boys.

They found themselves in this condition due to a myriad of factors including the general poverty of the area in which they live, but most importantly the abuse of alcohol. Around them are boxes containing all of their possessions. In the center, under the lean-to lies their one mattress, a ripped and matted slab of foam rubber.

Their Friday today is black not because of some hoped-for profit, rather due to their uncertain future. For them every Friday is black Friday. Black from concern for their boys, of whom the older boy is already slipping into the spiral of poverty and substance abuse. Their black Friday is better described as a black hole. For many, the pull into this cycle of poverty and abuse is something they cannot escape on their own. Who will tell them about the Light that will negate the blackness of their situation? Fortunately, this family has the Christians of the Patacas church who are there to assist them.

What about the multitude of others who do not have such a witness, a rescuer? Proclaim your mission.

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2 Responses to “Happy Black Friday?”

  1. Pat Dziuk said

    Yes, a for a kid living in a black hole with the tension of survival in their parents aurora day after day easily falls into an uninformed black life … difficult to see the light.

  2. Lisa Dziuk said

    Puts a whole new perspective on Black Friday.

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