Happy Thanksgiving

26 November, 2009

Unloading patatoes, Lamur, Belgium, 2009.

Unloading potatoes. Lamur, Belgium. 2009.

To me, Eric Zander epitomizes the 21st century missionary; hands-on, innovative, always thinking outside the box, and involved. The above image is my choice for an appropriate Thanksgiving image for these times. It almost seems insensitive to show images of the Thanksgiving table overflowing with abundance in a sort of Rockwellian manifestation, one more appropriate for another century, not our present day when so many families feel their financial foundations cracking under the pressure.

Eric’s family has felt the financial pressure of these times like others as his support contracts with the economy. He faces the added burden as support from American churches declines not only in giving, but in the falling value of the dollar to the Euro. Yet, his ministry grows in giving. He gives weekly back to his community as he works at thrift store as a driver picking up donations to this community support center. In the photo above he isn’t picking up food for a once yearly event, but rather this is his weekly task of picking up food for the center that will help feed those in need.

His involvement in his local community reflects an understanding of his responsibility to go out into the world and be the light of Christ, not to set up a program or an event, but to go out and bring Christ to the people. The community center is not a Christian endeavor set up by a local church, but a civic program. To this secular program he brings Christ in a real and effective way. This is an economy of mission.

To us it is a challenge, go out and take Christ to our communities. Not in a safe and sanitized church program, but into the world around us, that messy, unsafe, risky world that God can use in amazing, glorifying, and redemptive ways. Proclaim your mission.

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