On the Outside

25 November, 2009

Sunday School Fortaleza, Brasil, 2008.

Sunday school. Fortaleza, Brasil. 2008.

As we gather with friends and family for Thanksgiving, we are reminded of the blessing we have been given of love and belonging. While looking through images for this post I found this one which brought to mind those who are outside our circles.

I have seen this occur on several occasions while in other countries. As we would gather around God’s word for church, Sunday school, meetings of various kinds (in this case a Sunday School class for children), there would be those who would come to watch, yet they would not partake. Myself and others would attempt to let them know that they were welcome to come in and partake if they wanted. Most of the time they would not join in.

So, while the Sunday school class was singing and praying, this one boy listened from the outside, unwilling to enter, or possibly feeling unwelcome. The only thing indicating his presence were his small fingers that gripped the jalousie.

This has me questioning, who are the those on the outside in my sphere of influence? Who are those who feel unwelcome to join with me? And, most importantly, what am I doing about it?

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